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Ampetronic FB18-100

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100 metre reel of Ampetronic's standard flat insulated cable is 18mm wide with a copper section of 1.8mm?. The cable is copper foil of 0.1mm thick and covered with bonded Polyester film. For ease of installation no adhesive tape is fixed to the copper tape to secure in position. To warn people an adhesive warning tape should be used. To turn a corner the tape is folded over. When joining to another length of copper tape tin the end of the tape with a good soldering iron melting the plastic coat with the solder and then insulate the solder join with electrical tape. To terminate the copper tape and connect to an induction loop amplifier solder on seperate wires to the copper tape and insulate with electrical tape. Ensure the wires selected are the appropriate wire gauge for the size of induction loop amplifier.

The cable is supplied in a 100m (320ft) reel.

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