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Compro NVR bundle brings home users and business users a robust and reliable IP surveillance system in one convenient package. The NVR bundle is suitable for a plethora of applications, including home monitoring, elderly care, medical care, warehouse and retail store surveillance, etc. Compro NVR works in perfect tandem with Compro network cameras, allowing you to take advantage of all the advanced features on Compro network cameras. Installers can also enjoy the benefits of reduced integration efforts and hence savings in installation time and cost as a result of our seamless integration. The bundle package includes everything you need to build up a monitoring and recording system, and makes dealing with surveillance equipment manufacturers much easier since you don't have to waste time again going from one vendor to another in search of the best combination of hardware. The cameras and NVR in this package are ready for use out of the box. The setup process is streamlined to a few mouse clicks and will take no more than 100 seconds to complete, which is as fast as it takes to set up a DVR-based surveillance system. Compro NVR bundle is a far more eco-friendly solution than its analog counterpart. This NVR bundle uses 1/8 power consumption of a standard PC and DVR. The system's lower power consumption also translates to a lower operating cost over the long-term. At Compro, we pride ourselves in being accountable to our customers. We have a team of experienced engineers that can provide immediate support to customers encountering any issues during the use of Compro products. The network cameras and NVR in this package are solely developed by Compro, which allows us total control over the quality of our products. Compro iWizard is a smart installer to turn the traditionally complicated network camera installation into a simple and fast process. WebVUer is an intuitive IE-based video management software loaded with all the key features for trouble-free remote monitoring.
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