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The silver sleek bodyline of the Network Media Center T1000W contains the innovative operating system and a powerful H.264 processor which is capable of showing brilliant and vivid 1080P Full HD movies. The lightening-fast wireless network ensures a clutter-free Internet connection to the world and a effortless sharing within your home network. To satisfy the growing number of digital HDTV, the Network Media Center is capable of decoding and recording of MPEG-2 or H.264 digital TV streams where available. HD Digital TV Reception / Record On the Network Media Center T1000W, users can experience the vibrant HDTV programs, MPEG2 or H.264 and record the shows at their heart’s desire. The shows can be playback from the storage area, be an external USB drive or an internal HDD which is purchased separately. Full HD H.264 Color Gamut Experience. The Network Media Center T1000W can easily handle just about any movie format that you can throw at it and come back for more! Full HD playback can never be easier. Enjoy the brilliant Full HD H.264 movies with a single click from the remote control. A Pure Digital HDMI Video / Audio Transfer. To get the most out of your huge LCD / plasma TV and the HDTV content, HDMI is the preferred digital connection between the TV and the source, in order to ensure a zero distortion during the transfer. Advanced SATA Storage Solution. The Network Media Center T1000W offers the most advanced storage solution to date, Serial ATA interface. SATA interface offers light-speed data transfer and fool-proof connectors which was unthought-of on the ancient ATA interface. Standalone BitTorrent Machine. Nothing is more annoying and wasteful than having the computer on while downloading the last few percent of a BitTorrent file. The built in BitTorrent client can help you finish off the last bit of the long file. Flexible LAN and Wireless Network. The Network Media Center T1000W comes with 10/100 LAN capability which can be used for the share & transfer of files across different machines and acts as a home media server. In addition an 802.11g wireless network module is included to reduce the cable clutter and a more convenient connection method. Direct AVCHD Playback. The Network Media Center T1000W facilitates the effortless playback of your HD digital video clips from the high definition cameras, no conversions required. Fanless 0dB Silent Operation. Nothing is more annoying than having the fan whizzing at full speed when enjoying that intimidate moment. That is why the Network Media Center T1000W operates at a silent 0 dB which gives you a whisper-quiet movie time. Convent Remote Control. Enjoy all your digital entertainment from the comfort of your couch using the extra high quality 50-key remote control.
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EAN 0471164100644
Manufacturer Compro