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Peerless CLSCG200

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Product Description
Many cleaners ‘suitable’ for LCD and Plasma screens use alcohol. Regular cloths or dusters can leave microscopic scratches on the delicate screen surface. Alcohol can penetrate these scratches seeping into the electronics behind the screen. This can not only degrade picture performance but also lead to total failure of the screen that may not be covered under warranty. Peerless cleaning gel does not use alcohol and the gentle yet effective microfibre cloth cannot scratch the screen surface! 200ml of alcohol-free anti-run cleaning gel spray with washable microfibre cleaning cloth stored in bottle cap.

Features & Benefits
Screen cleaning gel for LCD LED & Plasma flat panel TVs and desktop & laptop computer monitors
Gentle yet effective washable microfibre cleaning cloth (195mm x 195mm) will not scratch delicate screen surface
Alcohol-free anti-run cleaning gel spray cleans screen without penetrating any screen scratches
Simple 2-stage cleaning action: spray cool screen with 1-2 squirts of gel wipe screen clean with microfibre cloth
Always consult User Manual for AV equipment before use to ensure product is suitable

More Information
Manufacturer Peerless