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Emprex BTC LED 2ft Tube light 9W Day Light

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Emprex LED Tubes provide high brightness and low power consumption and will easily replace your current conventional fluorescent tube light. Using super-bright LED's and premium components, these are a stunning example of LED engineering providing flicker-free operation and instant start up. They also work without ballast or a starter, thus saving further energy!


Long life (up to 40,000 hours at ambient temperature 25°C)

Low power consumption, saving energy and money

No started needed, replaces the traditional fluorescent tube directly

Compatible with T8/T10 lighting fixture

Instant light-up with no flicker

Aluminum alloy body helps better heat dissipation

No UV or Radiation

No pollution and recyclable, ROHS compliant
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EAN 04712364938030
Manufacturer Emprex